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Product Development

Taking a conceptual idea from concept to reality is as important as the idea itself. A designer must not only be capable of transforming a conceptual sketch into a fully functional product but must also be aware of the bigger picture like how the product will be used, what the ideal materials are and how much the product will cost etc...


All these aspects must be taken into account during the design phase. It may be necessary to stop the design process if even one of these aspects is deemed unfavourable.

The process of converting a sketch into a real design involves a structured and systematic approach. It is important for a designer to go through each phase of the design in detail so that any potential problems are resolved before the design goes for manufacturing and is used in the real world.


Engitek provides the following services in Conceptual Design: 


  • Ideation/Concepts

  • 3D Rendering of CAD models

Mechanical design is a broad term which encompasses the design and development of mechanical systems. This may include all types of machinery equipment for manufacturing processes and a wide field of other everyday items. The main goal of any design is to design it as simple as possible regardless of the size and to solve a problem or improve upon current  techniques.


Engitek focuses on providing the ultimate designing solutions for all types of engineering sectors.  


Our main purpose is to make the design process as transparent as possible for all entities that are involved throughout each project whether it is the client who would like to know where each component within the system will be located, or an operator/ service manager that would like to see exactly how a machine works and more importantly to maintain the specific piece of equipment.                                                

Product Development

The collaboration and organization of all aspects that go into physical design is as important and critical as the design itself.


Engitek provides the following services in Mechanical Component Design:         


  • Mechanical Designs

  • Sheet metal Designs

  • Structural Designs

  • Mechanical Conceptual Designs

  • Design Calculations\Analysis

  • 2D/3D Drawings\Modelling using CAD

  • Drawings and “Exploded” Views

  • Manufacturing Drawings

  • Patent Drawings

  • Design Specifications

  • Codes/Standards 

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Product Development

Engitek specialises in the development of small to large electronic systems.


We can re-develop outdated systems according to customer needs and modern standards. We also have the capability to manufacture components for mass production as well as once-off components for testing and usage. 

Product Development PC Boards
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