The EGG CLEANING MACHINE is designed for small and medium capacity farms. It uses state of the art technology to clean the eggs to each customer satisfaction.

The EGG CLEANING MACHINE is a simple ECO friendly design that uses low power consumption which makes it more cost effective to the industry. The EGG CLEANING MACHINE has a single gravity inbound feeder to optimize efficiency and reliability.

From the inbound feeder the eggs will pass through the cleaning station. The cleaning station consist of brushes that cleans the eggs. The cleaning station have the diversity to either clean the eggs through a dry, semi-dry or wet wash. The type of wash all depends on the condition of the eggs and gives the client the flexibility to adjust the washing cycle to their needs.

Once the egg passes the cleaning station, the egg roll out in to the collection station.

Our Egg Cleaning Machines have the following power options available:

  • 220VAC (Standard)

  • 12VDC - 24VDC Battery operation (optional)

  • Solar with battery backup (optional)


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